Container Homes in MHP?

Any have or started to look at placing Container Homes in their respective MHP? We are considering looking at adding some Container Homes in three of our MHPs, and working the zoning process now.

Finding resistance due to a lack of knowledge from City Officials. Contemplating a Proof of Concept and inviting zoning officials to eval our plan.

Looking to see if anyone has had any success in completing actual install of units in the MHP.

A couple thoughts after reading this:

  1. Make sure there is demand for that type of home co-mingled with mobile homes. Container home owners are fickle in many cases, similar to tiny home owners.

  2. The City we were dealing with required structural engineering drawings to have it permitted for installation, and after consulting with several engineers they wouldn’t even give us a fixed price bid - would only work on it time & materials because it’s an unfamiliar construction material and would require load testing, etc. If you buy it from a manufacturer new that has already gone through these rigors it could be less of an issue.