Consultant needed for first deal

Hi Everyone
I’m looking for a consultant to review my first MHP deal. I feel as though it has a lot of upside but it’s far from straightforward. I do not want to bite off more than I can chew or step on any landmines. Does anyone on this site offer this type of service? I’m talking about helping with due dilegence and ideally walking the site with me.

Thanks for your time guys

I may be able to help depending on location. PM me.

Frank does deal reviews

@Jklauber Frank does the deal reviews, if you have been to the bootcamp , I believe that is included in the cost of it.

Do you want to share the location , you might be able to see if you can catch someone local in that area who is operating or currently in the market.

Alternatively, if you reverse engineer what operators are in that market, see if you reach out to them if you might be able to get input on the market ( but maybe not specifics on what your deal is ) .

Lastly, one option is this:

We just sold a park and the buyer used them, they seem to ask all the right questions, i make to representations or warranties about their work , just posting as a resource ( and we were not the customer) .

Or you can always post what you have here for prelim feedback. But sounds like you are looking for someone to handhold which is understandable.

And if you have not done the bootcamp , i would 100% do that if you are going to pull the trigger on park.