Congratulations Jefferson on your new baby!

Friend and Forum Moderator Jefferson has welcomed a new baby boy into this world. His name is Alistair Francis Robert Lilly. Jefferson will soon be able to respond to questions on proper diaper disposal and formula techniques. Congratulations, Jefferson!

Children are a blessing… Congrats Jefferson

Congrats Jefferson, drink on me next week at MHI for sure!

Congratulations! Enjoy the time bud.

Just wanted to point out that Jefferson did not have the baby solo, so we need to include his wife Katie in the congratulatory splendor! Sorry for that oversight. I’m sure that Katie is the Forum Moderator for Jefferson’s endless questions on baby care.

Mazel Tov, if this is your first child, welcome to the wonderful works of parenting!
Enjoy it’s lots if fun!

I meant WORLD

Freudian slip - and grammar corrector on iPad

Thank you all for your well wishes!  Mother and baby are doing well.  Little Alistair is nursing well, and sleeping well (thank Heavens!).  Daddy is trying to learn a thing or two about diaper changing.-jl-


Congratulations Jefferson!