Conflicted by all the valuable info

Just made it thru 12 pages of great commentary on this forum, but combined with all the info from the $597 comprehensive package I just purchased from this site, I’m in sensory overload and struggling to get a clear vision. For example, “Mike” made a great statement in a March thread that just feels right: buy in big city and buy homes. However, big city means big expense, and that conflicts with the pros’ mantra of buying cheap (I think Dave said he targets $7k per pad); I’m in Phx and asking price is around $40k per pad. Do I go with the Phx area for the volume of people, or consider a mountain town (preferably with a super WM) where prices are cheaper?

Speaking of mountain towns, I’ve got a second home in one and today I toured and noticed all the lots are filled, none have a sale sign, and only one was over 50 lots (I prefer 80+). Add all that up, and it suggests that I should buy land and build a MHP; however, I didn’t see any comments in this forum promoting that as a great idea. Any thoughts?