Conferences 2023

What are some upcoming MHP conferences worth attending?

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SECO is a big one. National Conference of Community Owners; ‘for community owners by community owners.’
10 Sep-13 Sep Atlanta. DM me if you are interested. I have a code to half off the conference if you are a first time attendee. (I have no affiliation with SECO, just trying to pass on a discount :wink:
Here is the web page to check out the conference:
Registration | SECO 2023 Registration


What does SECO stand for? I’m interested in attending!

Southeast community owners

YES…I was on the SECO Executive Committee for 2-1/2 years and while SECO started in the Southeast, it is now a national conference. They dropped the “South East” several years ago when people started coming in from all four corners of the USA including Canada and Alaska.

P.S. While many state associations have there own annual meetings the biggest national organization is MHI and their annual Congress event held in Vegas in the Spring. MHI gets most of their guidance from the manufacturers as it is largely funded by the manufacturers, but it is still the largest industry event. MHI is generally the supporting voice in Washington when it comes to regulations in our industry.

The off-shoot of MHI is NCC in Chicago coming up soon this fall. I have not been to this one, but it was initially created to give ALL community owners an industry voice, but over time the voice for NCC is now dominated by larger REITS and Institutions, but once again it is supposed to be a good industry event to network.

SECO started as a small to mid-sized community owners for community owners and they have worked hard to keep this event educational in nature and a great place to network with like-minded community owners. It has grown from a regional event to a national event.

Texco is a smaller Texas event held in the Spring that I have not attended, but I have heard very positive feedback on this event.

The next two you should attend at least once if you are not from the south, but annually if you are and it is called Louisville held in January. This is currently the largest manufactured housing show and is followed by the second largest show in Biloxi in early Spring.

The last industry support group that I know very little about is MHARR, but they might be worth looking into as well.

Good Luck!


We just had the SECO Conference which was a really great turn out and event overall, you should definitely try to make the trip for next year’s event. Another event coming up is the IMN Manufactured Housing Conference. I’m really excited about this one!

The MHI NCC is another great event coming in the fall. It’s packed with potentially valuable insights and offers countless networking opportunities. It’s a great chance to connect with industry leaders and experts.

It’s also worth mentioning that the MHI Congress and Expo is the biggest event/conference every year.

Best of luck, and I hope to see you at one of these events soon!

-Andrew Keel