Conduit Loans... The broker that Steve and I use!

As promised at the MHM seminar, I want to provide the contact information for Chris Garris from CG Investment Capital. Chris is currently working on 6 properties to finance/refinance for Steve and myself. Frank Rolfe was kind enough to share Chris’s contact information with us a couple of months ago. Chris has done all of Frank’s deals in the past. Chris has been incredible to work with. He is definitely a rock star when it comes to financing. He is incredibly detailed and is the most knowledgable that I have found in the industry. You will definitely want to call him if you are looking to finance or refinance a property.

Here is his contact information:

Christopher Garris

CG Investment Capital

850 SW Martin Downs Blvd.

Palm City, FL 34990


772-287-1827 fax

561-373-3883 cell