Condominium mobile home park conversion

hello all, we have a 63 pad mobile home park currently. we are looking into turning it into a condominium park and selling off the actual sites. these questions are directed to any of you who have turned normal parks into condo parks.

  1. how long does it take to get most of the lots sold off

  2. selling land home packages, what price ranges seem to sell the best. i feel in my area, lower end single wides on my lot that i could sell for less than 50k would sell well.

  3. what pitfalls are there with working with county planning commissions to get the initial sub division completed.

  4. when this process begins, do the other tenants get scared into moving too soon and cause problems with cash flow?

thanks in advance for any info on the subject. i have been wanting to do this for awhile, with the recent changes in law and not being able to carry notes anymore, the condo parks are starting to look more and more attractive. According to my attorney the condo parks also don’t fall into into the mobile home park rights act in the state of pa.