Condensation, Mold and the absolute need for Exhaust Fans in POHs

I’ve recently discovered my new arch enemy…CONDENSATION! I’ve also recently learned the hard way that during due diligence you should always be looking for the presence of windows that open correctly and working exhaust fans in every kitchen and bathroom. You experienced MHP owners will say 'Well, duh", but I’m on MHP #1 and learning this lesson the hard way. So without this battlefield wisdom prior to purchase, I’m now dealing with a good bit of sill and casing rot and a tremendous amount of mold with the very wet winter we are having in NW Florida.

So I’m now looking for input on which exhaust vents are the right choice for my kitchens and baths. Most of my 23 units have the spring door style exhaust vent over the oven. These help, when used, (getting my mostly Hispanic tenant base to use them during winter is another discussion), but I’m wanting to install through the wall exhaust fans in all kitchen/LRs and bathrooms to get ahead of all the condensation in my homes.

Any input or recommendations on brands models that have had good success in the past is greatly appreciated!

Thanks MHU!

Not to throw cold water on your plans but you are probably wasting your money. You will not train them to use fans. The only fans that will ever be used are those you attach to the light switch that has the fan come on when the light is on. You will then need to do regular inspections to check that they have not disconnected them to save money on electricity.
Training…forget it.

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Make sure the AC units on the home are the proper size. If they are too big, the units won’t run long enough to remove condensation from the air. Some units have built in dehumidifiers which may help too. Oversized AC units are a regular cause of severe humidity related issues in MH’s, which tend to be more air tight than site built homes.

I priced out a ceiling exhaust fan for the bathroom was told $500-600 each!!! In :canada: it’s expensive for on call plumbers or electricians. This type is only used in MH without attics. I have not done anything yet, big window in the bathroom seems to work.
Then yesterday a guy had his fan start the ceiling on fire! I am now reluctant to cut holes in my ceiling for this.
As for a/c we have installed central air Armstrong outside which keeps it pretty cool & dry in here.
With temperatures reaching 40 Celsius in the summer it’s as hot as Arizona and winter we can get-35 but also warm weather too. It’s auto and temp control is via furnace thermostat.
As for kitchen we have installed a combo microwave/fan and it works great!

As for mold, that’s hard to find sometimes. You can use a drywall sensor to see how much condensation is in the walls. I would start there. Anything else you find by smell or sight should be investigated immediately. One renter here :canada: had problems in the kitchen, was mold inside the walls she called Health services, they made her leave & that unit was eventually demolished. An old trailer had been remodeled but it was uninhabitable at that point.
Eviction for that family unfortunately.