Concrete Sewer Pipes

Has anyone had experience with concrete sewer pipes? Pros/cons? When they break, I presume you replace w. S40 PVC…? Any other tricks I need to know about?



I’ve been around forever and I’ve never heard of it for sewer. It’s used all the time for drainage culverts, etc. especially where it passes under a road or driveway.

I wouldn’t be at all afraid of it, if a tile wasn’t too badly damaged you can probably even patch it with concrete or hydraulic cement.

I guess my only concern would be if it was rough on the inside TP, etc. could snag on it and cause clogs.

Have you sent a camera down it?

Concrete sewer pipes have the same basic issue as clay tile – it’s the gaps between each line segment that allow tree root intrusion. Other than that they are of no problem at all. Modern root-rooter companies can cut the roots out periodically with a blade attachment, so even then it’s not a huge deal.

Although I have no experience with it, there is a product, CIPP, cured in place pipe, which is basically a seamless sleeve that is installed inside the existing line, so no excavation is involved.

Normally you would install sewer lines in the ground with schedule 80 pvc, which are green and more flexible so they won’t bust when compacting the dirt. When crossing roads, depending on the depth of the pipe from the road you may have to use another material like ductile iron. At least that’s what we used in my neck of the woods.