Concrete or asphalt

Can anyone tell me the average cost in the AR. TN. area to put down concrete streets and how wide they need to be.

Could I use asphalt? Cost?

Any help would be appreciated.



Perfect! Thanks for the response. I did what you said and got my first quote for asphalt 3 1/2 inches deep and 1/4 mile long. 35K.

Again, Thank you



We had to repave the streets in 2 different park to a tune of $100,000 for each park in Texas. The streets were about 50’ wide and our quote was originally $220,000. We narrowed the streets to 24’ and saved ourselves a bundle. We received prices all over the board.

We had to go with cold asphalt as one paving company in the town has a monopoly on a plant. For the competitors they must bring in cold asphalt by train from San Antonio. I was not very excited about the idea of using cold asphalt but it has worked out extremely well.

Lee had some great advice!