Comps on mobiles in Florida

Hi Greg,

Cory recommended that I ask you this question.

I have a chance to purchase a DW on 2.5 acres near Chiefland.

I am a newbie and wanted to do this as a wholesale deal to another investor.

I am trying to find comps to determine the ARV but prices are all over the place. I am doubting whether I can make this work since she has a price that she would like to have. She is an elderly lady and needs to move to a nursing home. She wants to sell quickly. I want to be fair to her and get as much out of it as I can for her and yet make a small profit for me.

Any advice or recommendations?



can really help ypu much.I can NADA the home for you. Call me with age,make,model,#bedrooms/baths,condition.

You are 90 miles fro m me and i do not know that area at all. We can call a local realtor to get improved land comps…can you put another mobile on this lot??

Greg Meade