Companies that buy/operate wastewater and potable water systems (Florida)

I have been told that there are companies that buy private utility systems such as wastewater treatment plants and potable water facilities from park owners (usually for cheap), and operate them. They make money by charging for the utility services. Does anyone know of such companies in Florida?

I’ve heard the same thing, which sounds great. Be cautious though because they will start billing your tenants directly and you will have no control over that. You also won’t have control over the maintenance of your systems either. If you decide to sell your system be sure to build your safeguards into your contract with them by putting a cap on fee increases, etc.

RE: [Companies that buy/operate wastewater and potable water systems (Florida)]

Check with Florida’s Public Utility Commission, As a water/sewer provider in Florida, you will most likely have to register as public utility (not the operator). There is a lot more regulatory over-site of a public utility company compared to a water/sewer re-seller (were you simply pass-through the municapla’s water and sewer costs to your residents).

However as a public utility company additional costs (including the capitalization of the water/sewer infrastructure) can most likely be billed to the resident Again, all “fees” and rates will have to be fully documented, submitted to the Commission, and approved prior to billing the residents in your MHP.
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Thank you both for your replies. Very helpful