Come on folks, lets hear about MHINE

or MOOK or whatever name NW meeting hosted by SteveWA. i bet it was a blast!


I can’t wait to hear all of the details :slight_smile:

The Mobile Home Investor’s Networking event held October 8th in Tacoma, Washington was great. Steve did a great job of putting it together and he got some great speakers.

A couple from Idaho talked about their success over the last 5-6 months over 23 mobiles sold! They have hit the ground running to say the least. They discussed their team work method, (one is the buyer, the other is the seller). They put in the hours to make it work for them. They also discussed using workers that they pay a flat rate for and the workers Company deals with the paperwork. (WorkSource?)

There was a speaker that talked on using Roth IRA’s as a method of investing in mobiles through a LLC.

There was a speaker that talked on using Hard money to fund investing in Mobile homes.

Other speakers shared their experiences with mobile homes and mobile home parks.

A lot of great info was shared, Steve great job, I hope to attend the next one too…

A great deal of networking went on between the folks who attended and lots of rehab tips were shared. Stories were shared too about what works and what doesn’t.

We left motivated to to finish up our latest deal and find some more mobiles to do Lonnie Deals… (we will try not to get too deep into rehab of the next ones)


This was a FAB get-together that was both fun & productive. Folks everywhere in the room were doing deals, & the ideas flowed all around. We all owe Steve (WA) a huge THANK-YOU for providing us this opportunity for increasing our knowledge & getting us all together for such a terrific networking event. I came home brimming w/ideas & knowing I had just met people w/whom I’ll be doing business. I especially thank you for creating the Yahoo Group to share your forms. I added my MHP Rules & a coupla pics, & I see others have added materials, too.

For those who weren’t able to attend this year, don’t let opportunity pass you in 2007. I love a bargain, & it is sure hard to beat FREE! For those who did attend, make the most of the experience & keep in contact w/all those smart folks you met last weekend–they’ll put $$$ in your pocket!

Steve, you were the perfect host–not only charming & informative, but you continue to nurture us so that we can achieve our goals. Golly, I’m glad I went to Tacoma!


Aw, shucks, t’weren’t nuthin’ . . .

Glad all felt it was worth their time - I really like doing these, but boy! exhausting!

I too made many new contacts, and got to thinking . . .

thanks to all attendees as well


Congratulations on the first ever West Coast MOM event! Putting together an event like this must have been very exhausting but extremely rewarding! Watching people grow and realize their goals/dreams makes putting together an event like this worth every bit of hard work.

Mobile Home Millions is back on the West Coast next year (March 2nd - 4th in San Diego) so I hope to see you and learn about all of the great things you are doing in Washington!