Colorado Floods- park owners and residents

yuck. I am located just a few miles from the flooding in Colorado. I grew up in one of the town that is really being hit. Last night I delivered water to my widowed mom, she got a 911 call the water was not safe- and might not be for many days.

A good friend of mine, and also of Dave and Franks (John from the bootcamp tours) owns a park in one of the highest effected areas. He has a sleepy bedroom park in a town that is fully cut off from all roads in or out. The word is, because it is at the base of 2 canyons that both flooded, the confluence town of Lyons is very, very hard hit. I watched in horror yesterday photos of mobile home parks in Greeley, where only the top few feet of the roofs could be seen. Devastating for owners as a investment, but the residents have lost everything.

In closing I pray for the families who are effected and who have friends and family effected. I say lets all count our blessings, hug your loved ones, give them a call and just let them know you appreciate them and that they are safe today.