Collection Agencies

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I’ve had a few folks skip out on me over the past few months. How should I go about collecting? Can anyone recommend a collections agency? Other thoughts?

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Hello Jefferson,

I don’t have my first park yet (starting to look now), but I remember from my days of running my parent’s apartment buildings that it is a real difficult process.

First, you have to find these people, then you have to find a reputable collection agency. It was not uncommon for the agency to collect the money and not pay you (I guess they figured you weren’t any good at collecting and therefore you would not collect from them either!!!).

I thought that one of the upsides of selling mobile homes is that if someone defaulted you could resell it again. Is that not the case? Or is it that in your market you’re having a hard time and you think it would be better to use your time going after the deadbeats instead of finding new tenants?

Please let us noobs know what to expect so that we can plan accordingly.


Both of the people from whom I’m attempting to collect owned their own homes (or an RV) and ‘just’ owe me lot rent. I’ve already got one of the lots filled (the deadbeat drove-off their RV and a new person is moving in their new MH), but I’d still like to get paid…(!) The other lot has what is now an abandoned MH on it, which will now cost me money to dispose of. I want to be paid for that too.

Even if/when I get stiffed by someone on a home I’m selling/renting (and I easily re-sell/re-rent to someone new), I still plan to go after what the deadbeats owe me.

I’m just trying to figure out how best to go after the deadbeats.



Their homepage says they work in GA, but I’ve been communicating with them about some debts I have in ND. They actually buy your judgment, and had some good advice for me about paperwork: applications, follow-up and then getting the judgment.

I’m usually glad to just get homes back, but am now contemplating going after payors who walk and leave my MHs a mess.


Until the debt is converted to a judgment, chances of collection are slim to none. Collection agencies only harass the debtor until they pay. With the Federal Debt Collection Procedures Act it makes collection difficult.

Once a judgment is obtained, then you can take action. Your judgment also earns interest. Here in California it is 10%. With a judgment you can attach wages, bank accounts, even personal property and vehicles. Although some states like Texas and Florida are very debtor friendly.

You can sell your debt or judgment. It will get you .05 to .10 on the dollar.

You can enforce your judgment yourself, or you can get a Judgment Professional to do it for you. That is usually a 50/50 split.

There are some great databases out there that can give their current address, property owned, SSN if you don’t already have it, even bank accounts.

Just get familiar with the small claims court in your area and go get them.

Hi Jefferson,

I have had great success with both of these debt collection agencies:

Commercial Debt - Federal Management
Private Debt Collection - Frontline Collections

We tried a few different options, such as trying to contact the people that owed us money ourselves (which took a long time and we eventually contacted someone to help anyway), or even looked at the cost of the small claims court (too expensive for us).

An agency was the best choice for us as the prices were good and they were very professional throughout.

Hope this helps, and good luck :slightly_smiling_face: