Cold patch results/speed bumps

I’m having some problems with pot holes forming between the asphalt of the road and the concrete of the driveways. It only seems to happen where the driveways to up in elevation from the road. Lowe’s was advertising a patching material on billboards everywhere so I tried the stuff. Here’s what I did at one lot:

  1. Waited until there had been no rain for awhile in late September/early October. The days were still warm so I put the sacks in the full sun on concrete to get warm.

  2. Cleaned the hole out really well. I even went in with a broom and brushed out all the fine material.

  3. The hole was about 3-4 inches deep, about 15’ long and anywhere from 2 to 12 inches wide. The sides of the hole were very well defined.

  4. Put the down in 1/2" to 3/4" lifts and compacted it really well with a hand compactor. WARNING: Hire someone to do this as you will be really sore afterward.

  5. The resident came into his driveway at a right angle to the patch and I asked him to come in at different angle so as to compact the material and then I ran over it parallel to the road with my truck. I did this almost daily for a couple of weeks. The problem is that the stuff will “bulge” upward if you just go over it in one direction all the time.

The stuff has been in for about 4 months now and seems to be working really well. I want to let it go until next summer when it gets hot again before I work on similar situations elsewhere in the Community. I’m in northern Ohio so it never really gets that hot - probably mid to upper 80s during the summer and not for very long. This may or may not affect how the stuff works.

I’d like to hear from others regarding this material and what else people have done to fix pot holes.

I talked to a paving contractor today, Lee Norman if any of you know him, regarding rubber speed bumps vs. asphalt ones. His advice is to go with asphalt assuming he underlying road is in good shape. The rubber ones are expensive and then you have to do a lot of work in order to anchor them - all of which can be instantly negated by a snow plow.

Anyone else have experience/advice on this subject?


Wheat Hill