Closing parks

HI Guys

As I m driving around the parks in south Florida there are few that are going to be closed and redeveloped as a condos.

All the people that live there now will need a place to go. I m thinking of doing something with that, it seem that many deals can be happening.

I don

also. a lot of the homes can not be reset in Wind Zone 3 areas cuz they are WZ2 which were legal prior to 1996. Soooooooo there will be aton of homes cheap that have very little value in those counties,

There is still demand for homes in Central Florida where WZ2 homes are OK, so the ticket is to bring the homes up here for resell or find a Park here that needs fill homes and “bust a move”.

The cost to transpo is 5 bucks per mile per side so lower in the State makes sense. If you want a WZ chart for Florida, e-mail me and I’ll send you one!


Hi Greg

Thanks for the reply, I think it will be nice to find a mover that will be willing to work together and to be paid when the homes are sold, it is something that I will be thinking abut. It is good to know that there are people in the area that belong to the group.

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