Closed on the self storages!

Exactly 1 year and 1 week after attending the self storage boot camp that Corey and Steve put on in Georgia I have closed on 3 self storage facilities in North Carolina. Last Thursday I added 860 units and 688 tenants (and 100,000 sf, and some loot) to my portfolio.

I can’t thank those two enough for the fantastic education and guidance I received and continue to receive, not to mention the invaluable networking opportunities I’ve had at the boot camps themselves, at Mobile Home Millions, and the MOMs.

I am excited about this new direction I’ve chosen and I owe so much to many people I’ve met over the past few years.

Thanks Lonnie, Ernest, Steve, Corey, Tony, Scott, and Greg for a great education that provided the foundation for this huge stride forward in my thinking and investing. Thanks to my partners and all my friends who were on the other end of a phone or at their computers to offer support and encouragement to me as I stepped WAY outside my comfort zone to get this done.

You guys are the best mentors and friends anyone could have.



What a great job on your completed deal. You are an example to all of us of what can be accomplished with knowledge and perseverance. You obtained the knowledge by attending events such as the boot camps presented here and then put that knowledge into action through networking. For me personally I am very glad to have met you and for the advice that you have given me in the past that I am still using today and will use in the future. Whenever I hit a slump I think of where you are due to your determination and dedication to your chosen investing path and that helps me push forward. Once again great job and congratulations on your deal.

Your friend,


Congratulations again Lin! You and your deal were the main topic of conversation for John and I all the way home yesterday (that and setting a goal for ourselves!). I really enjoyed talking with you and appreciated the hospitality at the bbq.


I am proud of you and all that it took to put such a deal together. A new chapter begins and I can’t wait to see where it takes you!

Congrats again,


Lin. There are very few people that attend these Bootcamps and Seminars and immediately put what they have learned to use.

Self Storage is a new world for me. I listened to every word when you and Steve had the teleseminar a few weeks ago, and i was so moved by your persistence I contacted you that evening and asked if you would please speak at MOM. You had not closed at that time, and I wanted you to speak if you closed or not.

What a great thing! You have provided a measure of financial freedom for you and yours you could never do with a J-O-B. You made me look at what $4 per unit per month meant in real dollars monthly and CAP on resale.

I am actually going to start calling on SS units this week…expect a call for help…LOL


Lin, thanks for the kind comments. The training may have been the motivator to get you headed in the right direction, but your determination and desire to change your life forever was the key in turning knowledge into action.

You are now my primary example when I speak about “stepping out of your comfort zone”. Going from a Lonnie deal to a multi-million dollar self-storage package…it doesn’t get much better than that.

I can’t wait to see how many people you will positively impact in the coming months and years?

Isn’t it ironic that the most successful people in our small mobile home and self storage investing community are those who give without a second thought. You have devoted countless hours answering questions on forums and in chat rooms since at least 1998 (when I first saw your name) on mobile homes. I’m sure you will do the same for others in the self storage business.

Congratulations…now, it’s time to turn those facilities into cash cows.


Congratulations Lin!

I am amazed at your courage. I enjoyed and was challenged by your teleseminar and I have learned so much each time I talk with you. Thank you for your time you have so willingly given me and all that you give to this great community.

Do you see a blog in site? We would love to hear of your journey, as well as the boys. Did your son find a vending machine yet?

The very best to you in all of your endeavors, Sandy Koo


You’ve left my head spinning with the potential of your deal, ever since the teleseminar I’ve been running numbers on what you’ve done and I for one can’t wait to hear your first update!

Congratulations on putting together a great deal! =)

Best wishes,

Ryan Needler

Great job Lin! Sorry I wasn’t able to handle the grill this year. Apparently I missed a great story and learning op. If all goes well, I’ll cook your burgers next year.

We had bbq sandwiches this year instead of burgers, so there was little to do with the grill this time. That seemed to work well, so I’ll probably do it again. If you come next year you can hang out and talk about trailers and self storage like everybody else!