Cleaning up neglected homes

Hi everyone,
I bought a park that has many older homes that are cosmetically ugly, with damaged/missing skirting, a paint job that hasn’t been redone in decades, and rusting roofs.

How do you handle these homes? I’m guessing many of the residents of these homes don’t have the cash to go out and fix these homes. Do you paint and reskirt them out of your own pocket, or maybe fix up the outsides and bill them back $25-$50 a month until repaid?

You will need to start the process of up grading the community by introducing new park rules to address the aesthetics of the homes. From there you can take whatever approach you feel the most comfortable with in regards to how you may chose to assist them. The key would be to establish a strict time line as to when all the upgrades are to be completed by.
Aside from the cost your biggest issue will likely be the fact that the tenants do not have the ability to do the work or most likely they are simply uninterested and too lazy. You can expect considerable resistance.
Assuming you have the right in your state as a landlord to enforce the rules once the due date is passed you could have contractors do the work and inform the tenants they will be required to pay back the cost on a monthly bases or serve those refusing to comply with an eviction notice. My preference would be to evict simply to be able to upgrade the quality of tenants.
The reality is you may have to get rid of some tenants that do not respect the standards you are striving to achieve.
Check your state landlord tenant regulations first.

Hit all the paint stores in your area. Get 200 gallons of mistint paint for $5 a gallon. Give them 10 gallons, some brushes and rollers for $50. Tell them if they scrub and paint trailer in 10 days, you’ll refund the $50. Once a few trailers get painted- many of the wives in park will harang the husband into taking the deal and paint trailer. I got a dozen trailers painted this way. Buy only exterior paint. Mix up a lot of beige. I use those $7 plastic totes to do this, a drill and mixer attachment. Good luck.