Clean park for sale Houston TX

My Brother and I are selling a clean park in Houston TX. We have nine park owned single wides with one lot rent space for a total of ten trailers. There are however, a total of 13 water taps from the water district and two current mobile home permits from the county.

As it is this park runs smooth all tennants work and the park is a ghost town during the day. This park is well maintained with strict rules and skirting on all units. All units are submetered for water and charged after 3000 Gal. The current monthly gross is $4575.00 but several units need to be raised. If three more units where brought in the Gross could easily be over $6000.00 mo. If your looking for an easy park to own this is it.

We are asking 375.000.00 We are also willing to carry the note with 20% down.

Do you have pictures to see the site and it what area of Houston is the park located at? How much land do you own with this park? You say that you will take 20% down and can my husband and I finance the rest through you and your brother? I am interested if I get to have a profit while still paying off the loan to you and your brother. How much interest will you charge and for how many years? You mention the profit, but how much of the profit is used in expenses towards the maintenance of the park? I am interested and I just happened to come across this site while searching for mobile homes. I like the idea of owning a park because I just recently got divorced and my credit sucks and my new hubby and I don’t have much money. Let me know if I understood right about the loan. I am indeed interested if like I said earlier I start seeing profit right away.