Clean ceiling after smoke damage

what is the best way to clean a smoke damaged ceiling before applying Kilz?

You don’t clean it. That’s the whole point of Kilz. It seals-in the odor. Works great on floors with pet smells too. Just Kilz-over it and paint it.


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Kilz works, but we find that oil based Bin works better. In fact we’ve found that you don’t even have to paint over the oil based Bin product. It actually looks great as is. It’s slightly more expensive, but much cheaper in the end since you don’t have to paint. It’s even tintable if you want a color and has a nice satin finish.

I tint kilz and use that for everything. Walls, ceilings, whatever. It looks good enough for most used mobile homes. No need for paint.

Try the oil based Bin guys, one coat and it works better and looks Better than Kilz. It seems to have more white pigment in it. It works a lot better we find.

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