Civil Engineer Site Plan in Texas?

Need recommendations on an experiences MHC site plan / civil engineering group in TEXAS.

Hi, Im new to the forum. Im in Texas, and like everywhere housing has gone crazy. A normal family in DFW / Austin / big metro areas can no longer buy a single family home. So I have become a big believer in MHC as a product and its future., and I invested in one in California to learn more about it. We are commercial developers but have not done MHC’s. Yet. We already own 40 acres in an ‘okay’ area…and simply want to see what the economics look like,…but have to have the site plan first, and need an engineer with experience.

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I am a Civil Engineer in Texas and just got a new MH park approved South of Houston (the politics are crazy with these) call me at 281-889-9634 Jason

Best of luck on your project - if you need a chattel lender we at Zippy are happy to help!