City Zoning Ordinances - Pad Requirements

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In doing the preliminary due diligence on a park that I am interested in, I downloaded the city Code of Ordinances and found under the Buildings and Building Requirements the following:

“(6) Pad requirements for mobile homes. Every mobile home shall be placed upon a pad. The pad shall be constructed of six inches of asphalt or Portland cement concrete; provided, however, that this requirement may be satisfied with two ribbons of six inches of concrete placed either horizontally or vertically, which shall be separated by not less than six feet nor more than ten feet by an area which shall be treated to kill all vegetation and filled with a washed gravel to a depth of not less than six inches.”

The property has an additional 10 acres that is undeveloped. Does this mean that if I wanted to develop that land for more mobile home lots that I would have to put a pad on each site? Does anyone have any idea what something like this would cost? I’m thinking in the $7-10K range?

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OK 6" by lets say 24" wide by the length of the home 70’ = 70 square feet of concrete per runner X 2 = 140’2/27('feet in a ‘yard)=5.2 square yards at $115 a yard delivered=$598 for concrete per home. 6 yards of gravel at $24 per=$144+$598=$742 for materials. Plus 3 hours backhoe time at $85=$255+$742=$997. So for about a grand per home you can do the foundation work (only). Where We live it’s either a 6" full pad with a 18"x18" perimeter, or 18" columns 42" deep every 8’. plus 8 more for tie downs.

That’s why I love this site. There’s always someone who knows the answer and you have it down in a way I understand! Thanks Don.

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One caveat Rick, these prices are in my area. So your results may differ some.

Thanks Don. I appreciate that. I was just trying to confirm the info. in the code. I had noticed before you had made the following post:

Re: Cost of putting in new pad

Author: Don-NY (—

Date: 02-04-08 02:09

Rolf is correct. It is all over the place as far as requirements. For compairison a pad for a 28x48 last summer in NY was $4200 in material.(stone & concrete) plus $350 for form lumber and $300 for backhoe leveling.

That’s why I was coming in with the 7-10K for a 24’ x 70’ (guesstimating). What was different? Is it the asphalt as opposed to concrete?

Also, does anyone have a rough idea for the cost of extending city serviced water, electrical and sewer?

I can’t seem to find it by searching.


Again area specific. sewer around here is $14-18 a foot including pipe and labor, (no landscaping) water is $5± a foot. asphalt is cheaper than concrete but I can’t figure out how they think it will not sink/squish under the load? (ever park your harley on pavement) I was estimating a singlewide in the post above. Why would you be putting in 24x70 homes? is it a doublewide only park? My old post was a complete pad for a 28x48 not runners under the frames like your ordinance permits.

Thanks Don…again.

Suggest you end the guesswork and pay a general contractor familiar with this sort of work for his time. Have him give you the rough costs per whatever unit you are using and then add 20%.



Rolf is right. If you are doing anything more than preliminary number crunching, get estimates from several contractors. There is a great CD on finding contractors and getting the best deal in the MHM6 CD set.