City trying to get involved on water meters install

I’ve got a property in Northern Illinois that I only need about 22 water meters for, but apparently the city got wind that we were trying to do this. So they contacted the utility company and they’re trying to say that our water main line is too small (2" apparently) to handle the reduced pressure that the meters would cause. They’re saying the tenants wouldn’t have enough water pressure due to the meters…

They want us to replace the water mains and do a bunch of other stuff in order to install the meters. It sounds to me like they’re just trying to get their cut, which is insane. Judging by the way the utility guy was talking, this could easily be a six figure job instead of maybe 5-10k.

I’m leaning towards just not responding to the city and having my own plumber do the work. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Its private property not city. Install a meter farthest from main meter and see for yourself the water pressure. Pros can chime in here.

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Happy to supply you with documentation that shows the pressure loss, which is very small, after our meter. Please get in touch ( if you’re interested.

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As usual, most municipalities do not understand the concept of private sub-meters, most likely the “official” you spoke to is referencing the current building code for new municipal meters .

The actual pressure loss for water sub-meters meeting AWA standards is minimal.

"We’re her to answer your sub-metering questions"


I appreciate all the input. I think all of you are right and @DanHelton I definitely think they are talking about new municipal meters. I kept trying to explain that that’s not what we are doing, but the guy just wasn’t listening.