City taking over the roads

Has anyone been able to pull this off, what was your experience?

I have a 40 space park in a city where other parks have had their roads taken by the city, I’m trying to get this done on mine. I’ll post updates as I get them.

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I’ve never heard of this happening, and I have trouble understanding why the city would do this if the park already owns the roads, but would love to receive any updates or hear more.

I have seen an honest “attempt” by several owners in a county setting to have them taken over. Biggest issue is typically the width of the roads, which in this case something like an 80 foot right of way, and then also ability for emergency vehicles to navigate corners or culdesacs.

It was shot down pretty quickly with those requirements.

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I agree; I have zero idea why the city would do this, but they’ve done it on 2 other parks in the county. In both instances, the city required them to make some repairs/improvements to the roads (to meet city standards) & then they took them over; that may be cost prohibitive, but depending on what they come back with, it may be worth it.

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@Noel_S this isn’t a very common practice, but there are definitely cities across the US that do this. I was looking at a park in Arkansas where the city owned all the roads and utilities up to the point where they connect from the road.

Thanks Dominic,
My very limited understanding is it isn’t super rare for cities to sometimes have responsibility for infrastructure when it the infrastructure is first built or completely rebuilt, depending on the cities legal obligations and how the permit is drawn up. A city just randomly taking ownership of infrastructure seems odd though.

I have a park with very old galvanized steel water lines that I was doing some improvements on. If we had instead rebuilt the entire system, the city would have assumed ownership of the lines and direct billed the tenants from there on out.