Cheap resident appreciation idea

Here’s a quick and easy way to show your residents how much you love and care about their happiness. (I was gagging as I wrote that line.) My mailboxes are in one location and there is a flat area next to them. I’m planting a couple of cherry tomato plants in this area for the residents to enjoy when they come down to pick up their mail. Why cherries? They are tough as nails and produce more tomatoes than can ever be eaten. “Sun Gold” and “Sweet 100” are the two varieties I’m using and I’m putting them inside of Texas Tomatoes Cages. These are fantastic if you have never used them. The plants only need to be watered just to get them going and I don’t do any maintenance at all. Once into production, I expect to get ongoing crops for a couple of months at least.

This is a project anyone can do and the total cost is well under $50. The “Sun Gold” tomatoes are so sweet it’s like eating candy and parents will be amazed to see their kids stuffing their faces with veggies. Let me know if you have never planted a tomato as there is a special way to do it.


Wheat Hill