Cheap Property Management Software

After attending the last bootcamp in Charleston, SC (awesome learning by the way!!) and talking to some good people about property management software I mentioned what i have been using for almost 9 years ($39 investment, one time fee) which IMO has been great but i don’t think many people know about. Keep in mind that I only own one park (132 sites) 30 self storage units and a dozen of rental properties. All of them in my home state. So for me is good enough. You may want to check it out:


Thanks for sharing this information. I have some questions.

How long have you used the software, where do you backup the info?
Is there an ongoing monthly maintenance fee?
How many properties can you add to the program?
Are you able to log all of the lots, keep track of rent credits, late fees etc…

I will call them tomorrow. Right now I just use excel and quicken.

Have used it for almost 10 years. You have the chance to back up in your computer or any external hard drive. The program will prompt you to do at the end of each session. No ongoing fees. You can add unlimited number of properties and great to log lots, credit, fees, rent credits, letters, contractors, utilities, etc. Then you can export to excel. Cheap but complete.

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I will buy it and check it out, worth the risk for $39.00

So how did it work? Any good for managing parks out of state that have an on-site manager?
Can you attach monthly RR and late fee reports to email? Thanks all

Property management software, while extremely beneficial for many organizations, can be a significant financial investment. This is especially true for smaller property management firms operating on tight budgets, which may not require the extensive features found in many paid systems.

Opting for a free property management solution can be a great way around this.

In your case, I would like to recommend, a web based free property management software. It is really versatile and extremely easy for people just starting up to get their business running online! Try the innovative and fresh approach to property management by Innago. They have tenants management, online rent collection, invoice generation, late fee assessment, email reminders, account deposits, and invoice tracking to make your processes as efficient as possible!

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Hi Jog,

My name Abdul, I have been using this software version on windows 7 since 2013 now we switched to windows 10 and i transferred the soft ware and the data to the new Computer the transfer wet well with no problems except one issue when we take a payment it print the receipt but doesn’t send out the Email like on the old computer, i tried the fax set up and i even changed the email address but with out any luck.
I tried to reach soft ware company there number still active but they don’t answer and they don’t return the call. i’m wondering if you or any one have the same problem or knows how to fix the problem.
my direct email is, any help is greatly appreciated.

The best type of property management software could be distinctive for every property manager. There is a lot of property management software out there in the market today. I own Smart Property Systems which is a top-rated property management software which is developed by TechAvidus.

TenantCloud is awesome and only like $9 per month. Highly recommend checking it out.