Cheap Evictions

Do I really need a lawyer to complete my evictions on privately owned homes paying lot rent only in Nebraska? Is there a way that I can fill out the paperwork myself, then scan and email it to my manager to have her be my representative in court? I’m looking for an easier way to hold tenant’s feet to the fire without being charged hundreds of dollars by an attorney.

Yes! You definitely do not need to be represented by an attorney (except, perhaps, in California). I would recommend finding a very good attorney to take you through it the first time. Have him/her show you all the paperwork to be filled out, learn which judges are pro-tenant vs. pro-landlord, etc., then do it yourself the next time. You can find good attorneys by calling your local larger apartment complexes and asking for referrals.



I wish I could complete evictions on my own and save money, but we are required to use an attorney in the county in Illinois where our park is located. I’m sure this is not very common in most areas, but you might want to check.

Things may be different in Nebraska, and I don’t know about being out of state, but for what it is worth:

I’ve done dozens of “Pro Per” (represented myself) unlawful detainers here in California. In fact I’ve never used an attorney for that kind of work. I have prevailed in every case, because I only do it when I am clearly in the right. I think such routine legal work as this, is just a basic landlording skill.

One thing that might influence your decision to try it yourself: It is rare for the deadbeat tenant to show up in court or even answer the complaint. They know they are in the wrong and want to be spared the humiliation of being told so by the judge in front of you. So they are just buying some more time while you go through the motions. Odds are you will never need to go before a judge but instead get a clerk’s judgment and then can to move to the next step of taking the writ of execution over the sheriff’s office to get the guys with the badges to move the bums out.