Charging for snow removal?

Looking to find out if any parks charge an assessment for plowing during the winter mi this?

I usually don’t do any snow removal on individual lots.

However, I just bought a new park and the residents are mostly elderly people and have grown accustomed to the previous owner doing snow plowing and shoveling their walk ways. I might just refer them to a local snow removal company this winter or charge them extra per storm or a flat rate each month for snow removal.

Either way, I don’t think shoveling their walk ways and individual driveways should be expected to be included in the lot rent.

I also don’t like the slip and fall liability on my shoulders so I might just not do it at all. To be determined…

@MikeO I’m in the same situation — closing on a place soon where mom & pop lived on site and would go around and snow blow and shovel… agreed I’d rather not be an intermediary and just have them hire the plow contractor (or do it themselves) directly. Just stinks coming in to a park and having folks feel like they are losing services (especially in this case where rents are 40% or so below market), but on some level that’s what we sign up for

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That’s exactly what I’m dealing with. The thing working in my favor was that I re-paved the roads in week #1 so the residents were all happy about that and didn’t feel as bad about the $100/mo rent raise and my non-commitment answers about probably not doing snow shoveling this year lol