Charge mortgage company late fees?

Hello. A home in our park has been foreclosed on and the mortgage company is taking it out. They called and asked us to fax them an invoice for the Lot Rent that they owe.

The invoice is for 7 months rent. Would you add the monthly late fee ($50/month) to their invoice, or no? I thought about adding the fees and telling them we would waive them if they paid us in 10 days.

I’d go ahead and add the late fees. If there is one thing I learned from living in New York City it’s “you don’t ask, you don’t get.”

That said, late fees might not be enforceable, and even the first 15 - 30 days worth of rent owed might not be enforceable against a finance company. States regulate this issue. Contact your state’s Manufactured Housing Association and ask for what the law says, and/or try and get your quick question answered pro-bono by a local attorney.

Good luck,