Changing the name of a park

How do you change the name of a park?

Usually you file a “DBA” or “doing business as” with the Secretary of State. Your LLC (or whatever) “DBA” the name you like.

Then check with city officials about 911 access, city maps, signage ordinances, etc.

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I was going to setup the LLC for the park online. Can I setup the DBA along with the LLC online as well?

DBAs are county specific, and the county clerk’s website will guide you.

nothing on the county clerk’s website shows me how to change the name. Can you help me out and give me instructions on how to change the name?

So once I create the new name of the park (Main Street Estates, LLC), do I let the SoS and the county Recorder’s office know? Is that how you’ve done it in the past?

Sometimes it’s called “assumed name.” I guess call the clerk and confirm you can use a random internet template. They’re pretty simple one page forms. You need to know the recording fee if you’re mailing it.

You don’t need a DBA and a LLC.

A DBA is so that you as an individual, can engage in business, Doing Business As a business name, rather then the name your parents gave your. An LLC is a legal entity which is separate from you and has its own business name that you give it, thus no DBA.

It is easy to get a little confused about this because as far as the IRS and the State Income Tax Authority are concerned, in most cases, you and your single member LLC are the same thing and the taxes for the LLC “pass through” to you as if the LLC did not exist. But when it comes to the rest of the world, it does exist and is known by its name and not your personal name.

First of all, this is all state-dependent. So you have to know the procedure for your state.

Second of all, as you know, when you create your LLC (Main Street Estates, LLC) this is usually done with some forms that you can find online and the place to start is the SoS. You submit the forms and some money and you get back a filing number and go into a public database.

Third of all, you will probably want to open a bank account. You will need a FEIN (employer identification number). You can get this online or by calling the IRS. If the LLC is your “alter ego” and you are the sole owner then you can use your own SSN (I think. You should pay for advice on setting up your company). But it might be better to get a FEIN for your new company anyway.

The bank account should have the name you are “doing business under”. So you can deposit checks made out to your “public” name.

If you want to do business as another name different from your LLC name (imagine your LLC is “RPK HOLDINGS 3 LLC”), you will probably need to file a DBA with the SOS. (“RPK HOLDINGS 3 d/b/a Manor Estates Country Living Park” This would presumably be sufficient to open a bank account in the name of the DBA. @jhutson says they’re county-specific. @Randy_CA says you don’t need a DBA. This is true if you can name your LLC what you want the park name to be.

I will not vouch for how it works in your state, because I have absolutely no idea what state you are in. You cannot expect to get good advice from random strangers on the internet.

You will also need to write down the “rules” of your LLC i.e. have an LLC agreement. Get a lawyer to help.

Finally, if you are changing the existing name then you should probably double-check with the local government (city, county) on how to do it even before you get the state formalities taken care of.

I guess I’m confused by the question. We changed the name of one of our parks by putting up a new sign with a different name. And letting the tax office know of the change so they could update their records. Brandon may be correct though that it’s state specific. I’m in NC.

To be honest, I regret changing the name. The old name was just fine and 5 years later, the park still gets referred to by the old name.

Unless your park has a terrible name like “Redneck Trailer Park,” I’d recommend you leave it alone. I’ve turned around several parks that had really bad reputations, and what counts in people’s minds is not a name, but what they see you doing to make the park a better place to live.

I didn’t think changing the name was going to be such a big ordeal. So what I’ll do is call the town/county recorder’s office and ask. What I do know is I was going to setup the LLC online regardless, I’m going to do business with one name, not two, the LLC will hold title to the MHP, and the LLC will be the name on the loan.

Thanks all for the insight!