Changing RV spaces to MH lots

I’m currently looking at a park that has around 40 spaces total and around 7 of them are currently being used as seasonal RV spaces. In looking in the county records it does seem like they list them RV instead of MH lots. Has anyone ever converted RV spaces over to MH and if so how hard is it as if I buy the park I really have no desire to own RV spots and to try and RV out seasonal RV spaces in a MHP.


Your main issues will be electric service, and maybe water.

RV spots are usually 30 or 50 amp service, and that (new) mobile homes are 200 amp. Depending on how your electric is setup in the park this could be a fairly straight forward exercise, such as if you have overhead service everywhere. But if completely underground it might be an undertaking to get larger wire run to the pads.

Water service is sometimes 1/2 inch spigots with RV’s, which need to be upgraded to 3/4…could be a non issue. Sewer connections are typically not much of an issue just a routing exercise under the mobile home.

I assume your city has no issue, which could be another challenge depending on the conformance of your property to zoning. Do your homework, and get lots of estimates as it will help identify gaps or nuances you didn’t think about.

Keep us posted.


If there’s already a meter base and water/sewer hookups all it takes is an outdoor 30 or 50 amp plug. We converted about 10 of our sites to R.V use and its worked well. As long as you keep the numbers down and have a good R.V lease its a great way for empty lots to generate revenue. We make sure the R.V is a newer model and do all the same screening we do for lot or park rentals.