Changing name of a park?

Do you always change the name of a park when you purchase it?

Park I’m buying is a turn around, but not terrible.

When do you keep a name and when do you change it. I am going to bring the park up and change the reputation.


I would change the name if it does not provide the residence some level of pride in living there.Stupid, tacky or any name with mobile, trailer or park would have to go.
Most named in the 70s are in need of updating.

Thanks, that was my thought. Current name is outdated as you say, and not a bad reputation, but not great and it mentions it’s a “trailer park”

I like the idea from your earlier post in not mentioning it’s a MHP. Copying off of Jefferson and others, thinking of going with the city name followed by “Estates” I’ve already reserved the .com Hunter green, same design as Frank’s signs.

Has anyone here bought any of the vertical flags? I think they’re called bow flags.

Thinking of buying 4 - 5 of them with things like “new management” and something along the line of “rent to own” or something along that line. I want to instill a pride of ownership and bring the park up in quality.

I have no illusions, it’s going to be a year of hard work, but the payoff in the end is

I think you are on the right track. Draw attention to the fact that the name has changed and that the ownership has changed. When I was younger, I used to live in an apartment complex that was somewhat mismanaged. That apartment wound up selling while I was there and the new owner took great strides to change the image. This was an A-B class property, but the effect was the same as you are going for here. Our rents were raised nearly 15%, but most of us were very happy with the changes that were implemented. For me, I was happy to pay the premium to suddenly live in a much more desirable community. It really didn’t take long for his efforts to change the minds of many of the people who lived in the area.

We certainly change the name if the park has a bad reputation, or even if the name just does not promote the park’s key attribute.

For instance we purchased a park called ‘Fran Kirk’ in Broken Arrow, OK (a well-to-do suburb of Tulsa). The park was under-managed by previous management. It was largely unbranded, and apparently only even had a sign on the property telling the public at large what it was called for one year prior to our purchasing it. The name did not convey anything about what made it special to live at the park. The park wasn’t even developed by anyone named ‘Fran Kirk.’ So given that we were losing nothing by changing the name, and given that the park was 1/2 mile from the very highly-rated Broken Arrow High School, we changed the name to ‘Broken Arrow Estates.’ And our Craigslist advertising promotes that we are walking distance to the high school.

As a general rule, you want to change the name to “[Insert here whatever is the park’s best attribute] Estates.” If your park is in an excellent school district, rename the park after that. If the best thing you can say about the park is that it is at a bend in the river, then it probably becomes ‘Riverview Estates’ or ‘Rushing Waters Estates.’

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Something that is very important as the land owner is getting your mind around the fact that these communities are not parks and that they are homes not trailers that these people live in. I often find myself slipping up and realise that it is the land owners that are perpetuating the negative image of these communities.
We try to refer to the communities as “Manufactured Home Communities” or MHCs. It’s a small thing but does better covey the true reality. Usually we drop everything but “community” when we are talking to others about our business.

These are communities not seasonal or amusement parks, the homes for the most part are not mobile as a RV would be and the homes are not “trailers” used to haul around junk, boats or anything else. Unfortunately for the residents until we as owners of these communities change our mind set they will forever be nothing more than Trailer Parks.

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