Changing a Park from Well Water to City Water

I am looking at a mobile home park that has Well water that has failed water testing for 2 years.  Thus it is important to me to figure out if it is possible to switch to city water.  I discovered the park is close enough to tap into the rural water in the area.  My question to the forum is How much might it cost?  Does anyone have any experience with doing this?  It seems the Rural WAter charges per unit for hookup but I can’t figure out if the park would require one unit per home or what?Any estimates or thoughts would be helpful?Also the seller mention that he thought there were grants or rebate programs to help switch off of well water.  I have searched all the agencies I can think of and cannot find any.  Does anyone else know of any.Thanks in advance.

Hi Sirwebbie1,Your best bet is to talk with the city and they will give you the “Water Tap” fee which is usually quite high (50K to 150K). In addition to the tap fee, the city where I am charges $2k/Mobile home. Ridiculously expensive. You can probably just do one main water meter to the park and then do RUBS (Ration Utility Billing Service). Here also, if this is in TX, you have a lot of procedure to follow. I have not heard of any grants as such. If there are grants and it can be done easily, why is the seller not doing it?How about Sewer?Personally, I would stay away from this deal unless you have everything in order. My guess is that the seller already knows the pain. Cheers.

Why kind of water samples are failing?? Bacteria, Nitrate, lead and copper–please inform what one. Correcting bacteria samples is easy to solve and two years ago we remove ourselves from city water for two reason–high cost and poor water quality! We went from a cost of over $5000 per month to $175 per month and now the people make coffee etc. using well be very aware of the problem. If he has had two years of bad samples how is he operating LEGALLY!!! Most cities are drawing water from lakes or rivers that can be downstream of another city sewer plant so being on city water is not heaven.

Tell me where it is and I can tell you about the geology and the hydrology of the area so I might be of more assistance and I am looking for parks not in cities–918-314-4574

Sirwebbie, I have not seen any attempt to indicate the kind of water sampling problem that park is having. I would be glad to help, but if you have no interest in the property please give me the name of the park and a phone number so I can work with the seller since I have NO PROBLEMS with systems on private wells. I give a call out to sellers that have similar problems since I am needing at least 4 more clear money out of banks paying low interest. My phone number is above.