Certificate of Occupancy

Looking at a park in Texas and wanting to know if the park has to have a Certificate of Occupancy for every mobile home they are renting out? And what of they don’t? A couple of these need to be torn down, is the certificate still good if we were to fix it up?


Leighnae Fabian

Here’s what you need to do. Go to the zoning department and ask for a Certificate of Zoning for the park, which will stipulate such things as how many mobile homes are allowed, and if the park is legal conforming or legal non-conforming. Find out what permits are licenses are required, and if they are all in full force and effect, and when they expire. Then ask them how the homes are handled as far as permitting. Then go to the inspections department and see if there are any outstanding violations. Then you will be an expert on how it works.

Every city, town, county and state handle it differently, and it’s too important for me to guess at.