Cash flow temp solution

We like others are having problems with our cash flow. Ever since our flood, we have been slowly rehabbing units and bringing in used units. However, with winter here in the midwest fast approaching we still had about 8 completely vacant lots. It seemed our chances of filling them would be slim to none, but we still needed the cash flow. Someone (the Saint of trailer parks?) was looking out for us. We received a call from several tenants of a nearby campsite. They live in trailers (you know real mobile homes, the kind you can pull with a pickup truck) and go from construction site to construction site. They were less than satisfied with the manager of the campsite and wondered if we had any places to put their campers. Yes, yes, yes was our immediate reply. We had to modify our electrical posts slightly (cost $200 ) and so far have pulled in 4 of these units with 3 or 4 more soon to join us. They pay $275 a month which is more than what we charge for our monthly regular dirt rent ( $250). That is what they were paying at the other place. They will be here for another 6-8 months and then move on. Hopefully we can then afford to bring in replacement trailers. Thought I would share this with everyone. It may prove a temporary solution for another park.

empty spaces now providing cash. Seems like a good idea to me. I would keep it kinda quiet until I found out if there were any different county, city or state rules when you mix it up with RVs.


I’d be real, real quiet. I checked into this in Ohio as there are a lot of snowbirds that come up here with trailers in the summer. In order to allow them into my community, I’d have to get a completely new license for RVs. Didn’t check into what the ins and outs are but I’ve got enough on my plate as it is.

Hope it works out for you and congrats on filling your slots.


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