Carpet replacement

Need a little help, I have a mobile home that I bought 5 years ago and have had a tenant in there for the last 5 years that has just moved out. During my walk through after they have moved out the carpet has become completely trashed beyond a cleaning and repair. I am looking for some insight on what to replace it with. I would prefer to not go back with carpet. I was thinking of something like those sticky tiles through out. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.



Jordan -

Just to be clear - carpet rarely lasts more than 5 years in rental properties (and, conveniently, this is it’s depreciation schedule). So you should not charge your tenant any damage due to the condition of the carpet. That is normal wear-and-tear.

As regards what to replace it with, we’ve used Pergo and similar products to give the home a ‘hardwood’ look. It costs more than carpet, but lasts longer, and will get you a few extra bucks in monthly rent. We’ve also just started using the Beauflor vinyl product (Lino 16’ BeauFlor Oak Plank 66D 570047C). This is what comes in the new Legacy homes we’ve ordered. It is (supposedly) a very durable product that is not paper-backed like regular vinyl. It actually has a texture to it, and looks like wood. We used it throughout our the homes (no carpet at all), and will see if it indeed cuts our costs over the long run.




The replacement is not the tenants fault and I agree with you about it not being their cost. Where can I find that flooring you mentioned I tried to do a Google search and nothing came up in my area, is it some thing that I will need to order off line?



I believe the nearest distributor is in Georgia. Beauflor is a European company and is indeed difficult to find in the US. I’d suggest you either contact the company directly off their website , or you could try contacting Mark Ledet at Legacy Housing in Ft. Worth to find out where they buy it.



We have been using Vinyl Plank with GREAT results. The stick down tiles are crappy - then you have a tenant with a crappy attitude - then a crappy tenant.

Go vinyl plank - you’ll love it.

Brad -

What is the cost of vinyl plank (labor and materials)?

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Labor - well, about anyone can do it, so we have our handyman do it - you cut it with a box cutter. Materials - we get the ‘little bit better’ grade = $1.50/ft at Home Depot.

I tell ya, it beats the he-11 out of carpet.

Thanks for the Info, I believe Frank uses Vinyl plank also. I will have to look into that.

Thanks Again


We sometimes use the wood laminate with moderate success. We can usually get it on sale at Lowes for around 80 cents/sf or at Lumber Liquidators sometimes for less than that. You should use an underlayment and the best price for that is Lumber Liquidators ( 10 - 15 cents/ sf). Long term, I agree the Allure Plank with the grip strip at HD is probably the best route. The best price I have seen is $1.59 for the Oak. It really works well in wet areas, is very durable, and relatively easy to install.


use the vinyl plank that Brad uses…especially the type that has the overlap install…goes down fast and anyone with average skills can install, which means less $$$$ to install and lasts and lasts and lasts

sticky tiles are supposed to be good because you can repair by swapping one out for another, but they need that repair more often that you would like to do and the new tiles never match the old tiles even when they come from the same batch…fading and yellowing

I have a unit that needs kitchen, living room and hallway replaced and vinyl planks are what I am using Had bad experience with laminate chipping and “peaking” from too much water

I think you can get away with cheap carpet in the bedrooms because the rooms are small and for the most part covered with furniture. I use inexpensive berber carpet in the bedrooms ( it doesn’t matt down in high traffic areas as bad), because even the better carpet will last only 5 to 7 years MAX in a rental

and no one puts the highest grade carpet in a rental unless it’s the highest grade of rental.