Can you remove metal siding on old homes and install T1-11 siding?

I have rehabbed several dozen old mobile homes and have always painted the dented metal siding to improve curb appeal. It’s lipstick at best and I’m wondering if these old frames can handle the weight of plywood sheet siding?

I have put 4x8 smart siding panels up (not the lap siding) after removing metal and the weight seems commensurate. Regular plywood is heavier and also requires a facing on it - so think using strictly that approach you might risk overloading the home.

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t1-11 is a functional siding but its not great. regular siding is better if it’s not cost prohibitive, the concrete lap board…what is that hardiboard or concrete board. t1-11 will bow out and start to take on water/moisture, regardless of underlayment and applied paint. especially in rainy or humid climates. The walls are very strong, they can handle regular siding.

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@joematyk I agree with BarbM, why not use standard siding. They now offer it in different looks (even cedar look). You can make the home appear modern, without the maintenance that will be needed when you install wood.