Can I choose not to renew a Section 8 tenants lease?

I have a Section 8 tenant who has been nothing but a pain.

Can I simply give her 60 days notice that her lease will not be renewed when her 12 months is up ?
or do I have to prove WHY I have grounds to make her move and go through more of an eviction process ?



If you don’t want to renew and your lease is coming up for renewal, this is the right time to non renew. Make sure you inform the section 8 office as well. You may not provide any reasons.

We don’t have the setup for Section 8 tenants as it comes with the hassle of the mobile home up keep.

You need to study your state landlord tenant regulations first to determine the rules regarding a landlords rights to terminate. Also check with the welfare office to find out their regulations.
If you want to do it you must make sure you are doing it right. It is the responsibility of all landlords to learn and understand all the regulations governing their business in their respective jurisdictions. A landlord that does not know the regulations is probably doing some things illegally. This usually does not cause too many problems until you do have a issue, such as an eviction, and you are then placing your business under a microscope.

Thanks guys. I will post outcome in a few months.