Can I Be Forced To Pay For Road Widening?

Friends -

An engineering firm has contacted me on behalf of the State saying they are widening the highway in front of our property. While this is generally good news, they are saying I will have to pay to ‘relocate’ a sewer pipe that runs under the highway.

Is it legal for the government to demand that I spend money to help them put in such an improvement?

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I’m not sure on the sewer pipe and that would be something you would want to talk to your lawyer about; find an easement or that type of attorney;

On the road widening that for us was a good thing as they paid us a good chunk of cash to take some of out land. And the road is a beauty and they even came into our entraces about 20 feet as a courtesy to us.

Will they be taken some of your land and will they pay you for it?