Camera's in park

I was wondering if anyone is using serveilance camera’s in their park as a way to keep an eye when monitoring from a far. I’ve had some recent tenant complaints that I’d like to monitor and I think the camera’s would make an excellent deterrent as well. However, I’m not sure where to search for the system and how to go about installing and linking to the web for viewing purposes, so if anyone who has tried this could give me some input it would be greatly appreciated.

Rick Bergman


I’m doing this right now in my community. Perhaps you can benefit from my experiences.

I’m in rural NE Ohio and it has been a struggle to find someone who knows what they are doing and is willing to go out into the sticks. Found someone who has set up cams at a racetrack about 30 miles away so I think he knows what to do.

The cost for the system is actually higher than where I live in Silicon Valley. This is the one thing that costs more OH than here. Suppose it has to do with scarcity and lack of competition.

Decide what your needs are before you begin to design a system. What do you want the cams to do? Fixed position? Pannable? Tiltable? Low light? Infrared? Zoomable? Auto return to original position? Hard wired or wireless? Multiple cams or just one? Where will you house the server/DVD recorder? How much storage/archive capability do you need? Who will have access to/control of the system? What are the weather extremes? Bullet proof? Hidden or in plain sight? How high can you mount them? Is there a source of power? Service contract? Color or B&W? New or used equipment? Expandable? You see all the questions that need answers?

My system? The absolute Rolls Royce of wireless web cams. 2 cams will cover about 2/3 of the community in summer and 3/4 in winter. I’m told I can read a newspaper at 800 meters. If you like, I can send you the quote and equipment specs. The price is outrageous but it will allow me to check in from anywhere in the world and I think will be a good selling point for potential residents.

Corey has used these in his self-storage business and wants to use them in one of his communities. He might be able to give you some insight.

Am waiting for the lights to be rebuilt (I own the lights and poles) before I do my actual installation. It’s going to be an on-going process and I will be putting up regular postings and costs as the work progresses.

Stay tuned.