Camera inspection of sewage line inside a park

hi, we are in the due diligence process of a park. With regard to scoping the sewage line, it seems there is no clean out available in the park, so in order to do the scoping, the plumber needs to either pull the toilet out or cut the pipe beneath each individual home. I guess neither is ideal, but we have to do it. Is there a preferred way of doing scoping in this case?

That’s strange… is there a man hole in or near the park?

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Often, parks will have cleanouts tucked away somewhere. Sometimes leaves and dirt can pile up on top of a cleanout, the cleanout can be behind some debris leaned up against the side of a home, or it can be under one of the homes. Make sure you, the seller, and the company doing your camera inspection have searched high and low before dismantling plumbing/cutting pipes.

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Thanks. Yeah, that’s my hope. There is no man hole in the park. And as per the park manager, there is no clean out and they never did the scoping before. I was wondering if anyone experience situations like that?

How large is the park and what is the layout?

I’d talk to the park manager again and see what plumber has handled sewage blockages in the park previously. They may be able to confirm what access is available to the main lines.

figure out where the lines are and walk it. i don’t know why they can’t just disconnect the farthest unit sewer and enter there…
our park didn’t have enough cleanouts so whenever we do work, We replace the straight seer line stub up with one that has a cleanout (sweep) and we cap it.

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