*California Dealer License Information*

Here are some links to get over this small hurdle in being a MH investor/dealer.

General Information



Hand Book


Dealer License Seminars and Schools


The cheapest dealer (through online courses) for $100 AND IS DMV APPROVED.

“All California vehicle dealer applicants must take a mandatory six-hour course training as mandated by the Department of Motor Vehicles before obtaining a vehicle dealer license. We conduct the courses throughout California. The fee for our new dealer course is: $ 100 - with taking the online tutorial”

Dealer License courses/seminars can range from $100 to $300+. Some will teach 1 to 1, class room setting, seminar or online. Some are flexible in scheduling(next day services) and some are once-a-month/once-a-week.

I have not taken the course yet but soon will and I just wanted to share it with the MH community!

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I was just reading the handbook and there are a lot of forms to fill out.

Has anyone got their license just recently and know the following?

  1. Which forms to fill out

  2. Which fee schedules to pay

For those who do live in San Diego, here is a sweet deal:


Price is 120 for a seminar.

DMV recommends them on there website.

I see nowhere that these licenses also apply for Mobile Homes. Or is that implied? Anyone that’s done deals in CA that knows if these licenses are good enough?


“I see nowhere that these licenses also apply for Mobile Homes. Or is that implied? Anyone that’s done deals in CA that knows if these licenses are good enough?”

This is what confused me also!

So I called the DMV and they assured I needed one. The lady was not too confident saying I need to do all the forms and fee scheduling. I have tried asking the dealer instructors but none of them have replied.

Try calling the DMV. If you got a different answer please let me know! Otherwise I’m going to take the class so I can do the test/fill out all the paper work and start doing deals.


This is not a slam; you just need to do a little more homework on your own before you post in the blind, try Google and the archives on this site.

When I first read you post I thought you wanted to be an auto dealer in California and the DMV would have been the right place to start.

After I read more of your postings it seems more likely you want to become a mobile home dealer. Not really sure it is necessary for just a few deals, but if that is the direction you want to go, then the Department of Housing and Community Development ( http://www.hcd.ca.gov ) is the controlling government entity for occupational licensing. Their licensing page can be found at ( http://www.hcd.ca.gov/codes/ol )

Here is the pdf link for the application requirements to become a mobile home dealer.


Best of luck - Greg


Thanks for replying.

My perception is that the dealer license is what is stopping me from doing Lonnie Deals. Lonnie mentions in his book that in order to do deals, we need a dealer license.

"Anyone considering doing business in buying and selling mobile homes is advised to check with your city and state business license departments to find out exactly what