CA MHP HOA's - how can we legally remove ourselves from it

We own a home in this Park, as we do in others. We are not Park owners (yet, looking).

This is in Sacramento, CA. Someone in the GSMOL (Golden State Mobile Home Owners Association) got removed from their BOD and is setting up a Coalition of mobile homeowners in (so far) 7 Parks.

There had been a movement a few months prior to this, I think started by the very GSMOL, to have a bunch of Parks set up HOA’s (which according to CA MRL states a MHP HOA they can’t interfere with owners CC&R’s.)

NO ONE as far as I can tell has seen or read any of the by-laws and officers of these 7 Parks, except we presume, the officers. CA Secy of State indicates that to view such one has to request them from the business entity and they have not complied. In addition, they are claiming “non-profit” status, without indicating the terms of such, and in addition, we all know that “non profit” does not mean you can’t make money.

The way we found out about it is the material was put in one of our Park home’s management tube, so we thought the Park owners were involved. They are not.

We were told we had no choice but to belong, because of how the association was legally established. We were also all this came about because the GSMOL was going out of business, by end of 2016 will no longer exist, due to the fact, they say, of financial mismangement and imprioriety by the BOD. This “statement” is running rampant through all 7 Parks, I understand.

It seems to many this is more of a cult, than an HOA.

Also, we were told the GSMOL now “belongs” to Mobile Park Owners. Really! Any of you guys running the GSMOL?!!!

(1) we had been looking into buying a small Park, and moving our homes there, but want to know the impact to owners of HO HOA’s already in place. If negative, and since this is running rampant in CA, that would rule out CA for us.
(2) this “coalition” of HOA’s seems like a cult, some form of racket, and has anyone else heard of t his, or what they are actually up to?
(3) we do not want to belong to an association of HO’s that include the sorts that are found in several of those 7 Parks as we are concerned if the HOA is sued, the mandatory members will have to pony up.
(4) Claiming the GSMOL is going out of business due to some crookery by the BOD is slander, (they have offerred no proof of this), and many HO’s absolutely don’t want to have anything to do with this effort.
(5) Can Park owners negate HO’s from starting an HOA?

What a mess, does anyone know of these HOA’s and how we might legally distance ourselves from them.

A newbie.