C Corp Question

I know there are a bunch of threads on this, but given new tax regime I thought I’d start another.

Have a seller that owns park through C Corp and willing to seller carry. Am well aware I do not want to purchase C Corp, but any advice for most advantageous way for seller (or me) to structure? Shouldn’t seller carry structure help lessen tax burden? Sounds like seller being told their will be massive tax ramifications at Corp level.

If you know a real estate CPA and real estate lawyer put them in touch with seller and you stay out of giving tax and accounting advice. You next have to figure out whom is going to pay for this advice and/or can you afford to pay for it as a good faith gesture?
Good luck with that one. Keep us posted.

If the seller has the park in a C Corp he would have an accountant working with him. He should consult the accountant to get greater clarification. This is strictly an asset sale and the owner would keep the C-Corp and you would make payments into the C-Corp. Those payments would be split up to the owner between interest/principal/cap gains/depreciation.

The taxes is his problem. There are no issues to you.