Buying in a 55+ Community?

Hello all,

Im looking into buying a mobile home as a first “real estate” investment. Okay, its not actual real estate but it is an income generator and a great first buy! Anyhow, Im only 20 years old and the unit is in a 55+ community. All I want to do is buy it and then sell it on a note, so will the management give me any trouble?

Thank you for your help.

but in FL this can be a real prob. 55 parks are usually expensive (450-585 per month lot rent) and very hard to qualify new tenants.

Holding costs can eat your lunch.


Have you read Lonnie’s book?

He recommends staying away from

the senior parks when you’re starting out.

55+ is a tough market.

You are not looking for a trailer,

you are looking for a motivated seller.

I work 55+ parks in my area,

but it was a tough learning experience.