Buying a mobile home sight unseen

I am looking at a mobile home for sale that is about an hour from my park, and I want to buy the home sight unseen (I’m not available to look at it / don’t have anyone else available, and the home is a 1984 for $6500 so as long as I can physically move the home to our park, it should be worth buying).

Has anyone done this before and are there any things I should take into consideration? For example, I don’t want to buy the home from the guy, send him the money / he gives me the title, and then when we go to pick it up, there are structural issues that don’t allow us to physically move the home.

Any thoughts / insight here would be appreciated.

Wouldn’t do it. Would be worth paying a contractor or home inspector to go through it and price repairs/ identify problems and take a cell phone video for you.

I have purchased mid 90’s mobile homes listed at 15K for 3K because everything in the ad was overstated. Even I was hoping they wouldn’t accept it, but they did.

@JasonS is right.

Even with pictures, that 30 year old unit could hide ugly surprises. Soft floors, bad electrical, bad walls, leaky plumbing or watcher heater, HVAC or ducting issues, leaky roof… and ’ it was fine when it left here!’

Would you buy a 30 year old car without looking at it?

I’m not sure I would buy a 1984 sight unseen for $500. If you want to buy sign unseen I have some real gems I’d sell under $10k. Go see it, also make sure taxes are paid on it. That’s a useful bargaining chip. Even if you think it’s worth $6500 offer $3500 and see what happens. I also think most inspectors would tear the crap out of a mobile home, good for the buyer I guess but might also scare you more than needed.

Been there done that at on the 1980s 500 dollar home. I will just say that I will not do that again.

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Hi Everyone,

This is my first post. I am very new to Mobile Home Park Investing. I got interested and excited after attending a free seminar this past Wednesday. So I am very new and just born(ha!)

Anyway, at the seminar the speaker recommended against buying anything built before 1985. I think the reason was the laws/standards changed affecting the quality. Of course, I do not know if that is true. But, I wanted to pass that info along if it is, in hopes a newbie can offer some help. If it is true, then if you choose to buy a 1984 model, doing it sight unseen would not be a good idea.

I’m glad to be here and hope to learn a lot!