Buying 1st Park in IN and need a inexpensive lawyer to draft up

LLC docs? does anyone know someone who is reliable and expensive in IN? If I live out of state but the park is in IN can I use an out of state lawyer to set up the LC in IN? Thanks so much for all of the help.

Who is involved in your LLC? If it’s just you, you can likely do it yourself or with a cheap attorney.

On the flipside if you’re concerned about liability and have lots of investors then have a conversation with your attorney about how to best structure the LLC for the property, versus an LLC for the management, and even a 3rd one for selling homes. All these help to ensure you’re protected and have your personal life completely separate from the Park.

There are several other posts covering this with great input from @Jim_Johnson and @Jefferson, among others.

If it’s multiple people, then I would recommend Clint Coons.

Website here:

Podcast interview here:

Everyone has their own rockstar and Clint happens to be ours. He knows what’s what in every state and he is genuinely a great person to work with.

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Yes it will be myself and two other partners. Thanks everyone for your help and suggestions. This is a great forum and someday I would like to add value to others!!!