Busy week with new park

Man what a week!First week of park ownership and what a busy one its been.Ive sold four trailers and three more Monday total of $10,000,and I have 5 more to go.I didnt expect that.I though I was going to have to give them away, boy was I wrong.These are real dumps.I had a dealer that does a lot of rehabs come out and look at them and he advised me to price them at 2000 and take 1000 and get them out.I talk to the tenants and although they seem nervous because they dont know what the new lease is going to have I beleive they see a new owner that wants to improve the park.Some were worryied they were going to have to move their trailers. I informed them they wont although new rules are going to be inforced and rent will be going up.That raised some eyebrows.I had the city dog catcher out and take one of 2 strays that has been getting into everybody trash.This had been going on for awhile and I was the first to call about it.One phone call and 30 min later the dog was going to the pound,go figure.Picked up trash,talked to the street dept,code inforcer,city council members,postmanlady about CBU mailbox,and all are happy to see new ownership of park.Slowly but surely I’ll have this park back in shape and all tenants cooperating!Busy but a great week as a new park owner!

Sounds like you are making all the right moves. Do you notice that improving the park becomes contagious? We bought a park in Arnold, MO about a year ago, did the same steps you’re doing, and by the weekend we had people cleaning up their yards, without any immediate urging from us, because they wanted in on the action. Turning a park around sometimes feels like liberating a town from the Nazis in WWII – and the park owner gets to serve as General Patton. You’re doing great!

Thanks Frank and I have seen the start of people getting on board.Matter of fact I had a tenant tell me hes glad to see new ownership.