Business Climate in Ohio for MHP owners

What are the pro’s & con’s of owning a MHP in Ohio?

We have 3 communities there. Quick thoughts:


Relatively easy access to used homes (at least in the Columbus area).

Good association: OMHA - General free legal advice and training (not free) is available if you join.

Cons: Moving permits are high ($700).

Check out the OMHC website. They do everything by the book.

Be careful where you buy. Just like most areas there are pockets of good strong demand and others not so much.



Thanks - I visited the OMHA and also Ohio Manufactured Home Commission. Does the commission do a yearly inspection of the parks or just collect an annual licensing fee?

They do both.



Does the annual licensing fee cover the annual inspection?



Yes, but realize that is just the license to operate the community. If you are going to sell homes then you have to get a dealer’s license. All the info for that is on their website.